Here Is How Your Face Can Show You Which Nutrients You Lack!

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Usually, people check if they have vitamin deficiency, by doing many blood tests, but they can be expensive. They will show you if you lack any nutrient and how low you’re on them. But, there is an easier way to find out if you have deficiency in vitamins and it is completely free. The face tells more than we think. Pay attention and notice if there is some of the following signs than can show if there is deficiency in vitamins.

*Pale complexion*

If the face gets paler day by day, it may mean that you have deficiency in vitamin B12. Check the tongue to see if it is smooth completely because it is another sign that you lack in this vitamin. Fatigue and memory problems are another signs. Consume more organic poultry, wild-caught fish and grass-fed meats to improve this condition.

*Bad hair*

If the hair is full of dandruff, brittle and dry you may have a deficiency in biotin (vitamin B7), which is developed by taking too much antibiotics that destroy the intestinal bacteria which synthesize the biotin. Consume more cauliflower, egg yolks and mushrooms because these foods are rich in biotin.

*Puffy eyes*

Bloated legs and puffy eyes can be symptoms of deficiency in iodine. Brittle nails, weight gain and dry skin are another signs of having lack in iodine. Salt is the main source of iodine but it also includes salt water fish, sea vegetables and seaweed to improve the levels of iodine.

*Pale lips*

Pale gums and lips may mean you have iron deficiency. The signs are more noticeable in women than men. If you feel like eating dirt, clay or ice, your body needs iron. Consume more fish, red meat, dried beans and spinach.

*Bleeding or tender gum*

Aching and bleeding gums are sign of deficiency in vitamin C. It is very important vitamin and its deficiency can cause many serious health problems like muscle ache and scurvy which is a disease that if it isn’t treated can make the teeth fall out. Consume foods rich in vitamin C like watermelon, red peppers, papaya, kiwi, mango, cantaloupe, berries and citrus fruits.

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