Here’s what happens to your body when you postpone your wake-up alarm…

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Almost every person postpones his alarm for waking.  By pressing the snooze button we are sleeping plus 10 minutes or longer.


However, few people know that the delay the alarm does no good for your sleep but also for your body.


In fact, the side effects why will follow you throughout the day are surprising.

Delayed alarm is impeded our REM phase, which is the most important stage in the dream which is responsible for good mental focus.


Precisely the alarm is that which pulls us from REM sleep, but with delaying we’re entering a new phase due to our body becomes confused and disoriented to time it to sleep, and time to wake up. Therefore whole day we feel like we cannot awaken.

So, the more you postpone the alarm for 5-10 minutes, more will be tired during the day. Therefore, experts advise to turn off the delaying alarm.


To make it easier waking up, go to bed at least half an hour earlier than the usual time.


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