Here’s What The White Lines On Your Nails Represent

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The white spots which usually occur on the nails are called leukonychia and they are caused by small injuries of the nails’ base.
If you have ever wondered what the white spots on the nails are, here is the answer. Most white spots occur due to bubbles of air underneath the nails.

White Lines On Your Nails

The spots can be hereditary, but in some cases they can indicate a medical problem such as warts or a fungal infection (onychomycosis), psoriasis or eczema that may also affect nails, as well as sarcoidosis of the skin, the lungs or of other organs.

A soft nail with white spots may also indicate hyperthyroidism. If the white spot on the nail is located in the beginning of the nail, the disease is new. A horizontal white line on the entire nail may indicate heart problems, Hodgkin’s disease, malaria or even leprosy.

If there are 2 or more vertical lines on 1 nail, you may have hypoalbuminemia – low levels of the protein albumin in the blood. This disorder may cause several different acute and chronic health conditions such as kidney disease, cirrhosis and heart failure.

However, you should not worry, since these spots and lines are usually reactions to an injury or an infection.

Don’t ignore the changes of your nails, since they are usually connected to your health much more than you think. Check their condition often and protect your overall health with this.


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