Here’s Why I Got Cancer At Age 23! Don’t Make The Same Mistakes!

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Nowadays people are so busy with their schedule so they forget about the most important thing in the world – their own health. This is the main reason why Sarah published her story, she wanted to warn everyone to pay more attention to their health.

During the summer, people have just one thing in mind which is how to get the perfect tan. However, you should know that summer tan can lead to some serious health issues.

Sarah, a 23 year old girl published her story at the portal Elite Daily and she warned everyone about their own health.

“In February this year I was diagnosed with 4 stage melanoma. I never even thought that I can face something like that at age 23″she writes.

“Yes, I was visiting tanning salons many times. One day I suffered a great burn. Then I was 20 years old. After that I stayed away from tanning beds.”

She also says that she considered herself pretty cautious when it comes to sunbathing. Nevertheless, a mole appeared on her head that changed everything.

She says that she didn’t went to a doctor because she didn’t want to be absent at work. Luckily, her friend was very concerned and made her consult her doctor and warned her not to delay any longer.

“I felt that something was going wrong with my body. Not many have that luxury until it’s too late, “she adds.

When she went for a consult, she was diagnosed with melanoma, which is why she draw aside. She broke all ties with people and did not want to complain about it.

Even though she was physically fine, mentally she was a total mess. She was afraid and scared about the results. She says: “Will I live long enough to have children?.”

Her surgery which supposed to last for 3 hours, delayed and lasted for whole seven hours. The doctors managed to remove all 69 lymph nodes from the left side of her neck. In four of them the cancer was already developed.

Sarah shared her story in order to help people not to make her mistake and not to delay seeing the doctor if they thing that something strange is happening with their body.

“I feel very lucky, not just to be alive to share my story, but also to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of so many other people impacted by melanoma in our state.” says Sarah

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