“HIV Virus” Detected In Walmart Bananas After 10 Year Old Boy Contracts The Virus

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A couple of months ago, a 10-year old boy who ate a banana his mother bought in Walmart has been admitted to the hospital with fever, chills and fatigue almost a week after eating the fruit. After a thorough examination, doctors concluded the boy is HIV positive, which left his mother in shock.


The 10-year old boy was not the only one admitted to the hospital with the same symptoms – there were 8 children in total under the age of 17 that have been diagnosed as HIV positive by the end of March in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They all ate bananas bought from Tulsa’s Walmart.

The parents of all children submitted samples from the foods the children ate previously when the doctors noticed that all children ate bananas. The fruits were tested at the LHC laboratories and the results showed that they contained the HIV virus! The scientists are still unaware how the virus got into the bananas and stayed active until the infection.

While they’re looking for answers, Walmart has begun pulling off bananas from their shelves across the whole country. The CDC has been suggesting to throws out your bananas immediately and contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms:




Night sweats

Sore throat

Muscle aches


Swollen lymph nodes

Mouth sores

These symptoms can be a sign of the HIV infection – if you notice them, visit your doctor immediately!



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