Hospital Demonstrates How To Save A Choking Baby In Just Seconds!



St. John Ambulance is an organization that teaches people medical first aid, and they posted a must-watch video on their YouTube page that all parents should definitely watch it.

According to them, 40% of all parents of newborns have sometimes seen their baby choke, and even 80% of them did not know how to react and what to do in that critical moment. These numbers are quite shocking, especially if you consider the fact that an average of 34 children are treated for food choking every single day.

Even though this is very serious, you shouldn’t worry because St. John Ambulance have created an animated video which shows how to react and save a choking baby. This video is hartwarming and it inludes 4 characters: jelly baby, marble, a princess and pen lid working together in a fun-filled manner. You should definitely watch this video since it shows you the adequate technique with wich you can save your baby. People who have small children are quite aware of the fact that they put everything in their mouth, so this video is very beneficial for all of them. If you are one of those people who have small kids, don’t hesitate and watch it.

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