How Much Food You Should Eat In One Meal? Use Your Own Palm To Estimate The Meal Portion!

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The scientific journal Guard Your Health published a series of studies that prove that the problem of overeating lately more and more

We suggest a simple method that will help you to learn how to consume the food in low amounts.

Here are the 5 Hand Principes:

  • The amount of food that can fit into two clasped hands – is the amount of vegetables you should eat in a single meal.
  • The front of the fist – the amount of consummation carbohydrates (rice, other cereals, pasta, bread).
  • Open palm (without considering the toes) shows how a piece of meat should you eat for one meal.
  • Clenched fist, equivalent to fruit that should be consumed daily to maintain good health.
  • The upper part of the index finger – the amount of butter and other animal fats that can be consumed without harm to your figure.14877675_10209575674286410_14974541_n

Use this method is very simple. Just remember what it looks like the amount of food that you can consume in a meal and eat 3-5 times a day. In this way, you can eat whatever you want and lose weight at the same time – only needs to reduce the amount you are used to.

This principle of feeding has a positive effect on overall health.



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