How Much Should You Weigh According To This Weight Loss Calculator?

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We all want to have perfect and fit body, not just because it looks good, but also for our health. people are especially obsessed to lose some weight before summer, so they put themselves on special food diets and regumes.


Sometimes, we thing that one month before summer starts, a special food regume will do the miracles to our body, but that’s just not possible. Instead of forcing your organism in just one month, you need to pay attention of what you eat during the whole year. In this way you’ll prevent shock on your body.

In order to achieve perfectly shaped body and fit figure, you need to check what your weight is supposed to be, how many calories should you eat daily, how many pounds would be your weight loss goal and if the particular diet will fit your metabolism.  For that purpose we have designed a calculator which will measure the above mentioned points.

This calculator will help you a lot during your process of losing weight and it will give you more realistic approach.

What would ne the ideal diet for weight loss?

As we already mentioned, there are numerous different diets according to each person’s individual daily routine, working schedule, blood type, metabolism, etc. We are well aware of the fact that we are all different, but is there a certain diet that will be flexible and appropriate enough to fit every schedule and bring results to any individual. There is no a special diet, however, there are some simple rules of what you should avoid and what you need to introduce to your diet in order to lose weight.

The most essential thing in every diet is increasing the water intake, because the water hydrates your body, boosts your metabolism and removes toxicity more easily. That’s why most of your diet should consist of raw vegetables and fruits. In this way, your body will be well provided wih minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

When you keep a diet, it is very important to divide your meals into smaller portions and eat them throughout the whole day instead of having one meal a day that will burden your digestive system. With smaller portions, you will feel fuller during the whole day. Make sure to incorporate more proteins and whole grains, instead of eating junk food, processed and artifical foods from your daily meal schedule.

Another very imprtant thing when you try to lose weight is to eat your dinner at 8 pm the latest. The reason why you are not allowed to eat after 10 pm is because all the transformation, growth and revitalization processes start then, when it is also the best time to sleep.

As you can see, the above given advice is not so strict and difficult to follow. It is so obvious that you don’t have to keep strict diets, all you have to do is to replace the unhealthy foods with healthy ones, consume more fruits and veggies, drink more water instead of soda, alcohol, etc.

Calculate and keep track of your weight loss with our calculator

In order to lose more weight or to stay fit, you should definitely keep track of your progress and follow the positive or change the negative outcome. Many people lose interest and motivation throughout the weight loss journey since they don’t even know their current weight before they start exercising.

In order to prevent that, you need tp measure the exact weight before you start, which will include the weight and also fats in your body, and according to it, plan your diet and exercise regime. Our calculator will help you in this process.

This calculator will help you easily measure your ideal weight according to other speciments like sex, age, height, etc. Our calculator is suitable for all individuals, who are on their weight loss journey, fighting over and over again with the number of calories in their diets.

The best way to really fulfill your diet expectations and to achieve your goal is to keep track of the pounds on the scale and comparing it to the outcome on the calculator.

You will lose even one pound a week, just by extracting 500 calories daily from your diet. If you don’t have motivation, our calculator will be the one for you and it will inspire you to eat less calories while exercising more and you will see the obvious results on the scale-poundwize and also your body shape. If you increase the number of calories, meaning, if you eat 800 calories less daily, than you actually eat, you will have even better weight loss results.

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