How To Make Ginger Plaster For Various Pains And Rheumatic Problems

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Ginger has many benefits such as relieving arthritis, headaches, muscle soreness, improving blood flow and anti-inflamatory benefits.

It can be found in several forms fresh, powdered and dried and you can consume it with meals and juices.

Its root may have many health benefits.

Ginger press  can be quite beneficial. It cures sore muscles, swollen veins, rheumatism and sprains. It may burn in the beginning but it will penetrate deeply into your skin, targetting the root cause of your pain and eliminate it quickly.

What you need:

  • A clean sheet of plastic film
  • 1 ginger root
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp. of course sea salt


Peel the garlic gloves and crush the ginger roots and mix all the ingredients together using a mortar and pestle. When done, put it on the sheet of plastic film and then on the hurting area.

To prevent the mixture from falling off, place it very carefully and secure the sides with any kind of tape, wrapping the whole area with a bandage. Leave it on for 6 hours. Use this remedy for joint issue. The ginger will treat the inflamation especially Coz-2 enzyme. It has the same effect as as ibuprofen and aspirin decreasing the pain receptors and sensitivity.



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