How to measure pressure with centimeter and wedding ring?? See the Video…

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Pressure measurement is a daily need of every person. It may happen blood pressure to increase or decrease anywhere.

But you can always carry a device for measuring pressure with you. Some citizens have no apparatus for measuring pressure, some of them to check the pressure must visit a doctor. So we will do our best to help you how to measure pressure at any time and any place.
It’s an old Chinese method which Grandmother Vera has maintained nearly twenty years. In its bag always bears her centimeter, thread and wedding ring. If at the time felt that there are problems with pressure, she immediately practices their long tradition and the moment reaction.

So you going to take the measuring tape and put it on any hand, as shown in the video, then take a thread and it will put the wedding ring. When you start with a measuring, the wedding ring responds first to the low pressure, and then the high pressure. To see how it makes Grandma Vera see in the following video.
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