I Had No Idea Drinking From Copper Could Do THIS To My Body. Fascinating…

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People have different tastes when it comes to the look of their dishware. Some like mixtures of colors and patterns, while others enjoy in solid colors and clean lines. But this is not the most important thing you should care about when you buy dishware, because it is closely linked with your health as well.


It might sound unbelievable to you, but there was an assumption that there’s something increadible about the cups made from copper for over millennia. Since the ancient time, Egyptian have stored water in copper jar, wore copper jewelry around their skin, citing incredible medical benefits. Recent studies discovered that copper can actually destroy many harmful materials.
Eventhough too much copper have adverse effect on your body, you are allowed to drink out of a copper vessel or cup up to 4 time a week, which will provide you with enough benefits from copper. This simple lifestyle change is able to make huge difference in your overall health!

How Does Copper Affect Our Bodies?

Copper can be used for medicinal needs because of its amazing properties. Ancient Egyptians and Vedic people have noticed that copper vessels kept water fresh and safe to drink, so they use them sto store large quantities of water.

Modern science confirmed this ancient belief and explains that small amount of copper can provide you with some amazing results associated with your health. Therefore, get yourself a copper mug and read how drinking from it can be beneficial for your overall health.

  1. Soothes Joints

If you have problem with your joints, wearing copper jewelry around them is the best solution. The best benefit you will get if it oxidizes and becomes green, coloring the skin around it too.  This is not scientifically proven yet, but the folk belief is that it can stimulate the growth of lost cartilage, thus relieving some pain related to joint pain such as arthritis. The scientific community is still questionable regarding this theory, but the longtime practitioners on the other hand are swearing that copper has helped them with their swollen and sore joints.

  1. Helps the Digestive System

Consuming copper in small amounts can lead to more efficinet digestion. This is because copper has the ability to stimulate the digestive muscles’ contractions which in turn helps waste move quicker through the intestines, towards its final elimination from the organism. Moreover, copper destroys bacteria, which can be beneficial for elimination of harmful microorganisms that can result in upset stomach. As you know, there is also a good bacteria in our gut, so the consummation of copper should be limited in order to avoid harming the good bacteria.

  1. Balances the Thyroid

The lack of copper in your body can cause thyroid disorders like like hyper- or hypothyroidism. This condition is related to mood changeabillity, hormonal fluctations and weight changes, so your body might balance the thyroid function if you use some copper supplements, and thus restore the order i

4Stimulates The Brain

Copper is the right solution for you in those days when you feel slow and slugish. It will help you speed up your brain. The body can be stimulated to produce and restore myelin sheaths, which take significant part of the brain’s nervous system, as well as to enable synapses transferring from one point to another with the help of copper as a micronutrient. The intake of copper will enhance the health of your myelin sheaths, which will result in enabling those synapses to jump from one place to another with a lightning speed.

  1. Supports the Spleen and Liver

Copper is beneficial for the liver, spleen and lymphatic system, according to the Vedic wisdom. However, this belief is probably true only in times of copper deficiency as the liver filters out the excess metals like copper in the blood.

  1. Strengthens Hair

Melanin is very important part of the hair health, and copper micronutrient is the crucial component in the melanin production. This means that copper is extremely beneficial for restoring thinning hair. Copper also has the ability to increase the hair follicles and lowers time needed for hair gorwth and lenght. This is especially beneficial for cancer patients, which can use copper to regrow hair after a chemotherapy. Copper increases melanin in hair so it can also slow down the graying process.

  1. Improves Skin

We previously mentioned that copper is very helpful for hair growth, because of the production of melatonin, well it is the same for our skin.
Copper peptides can help stimulate production of healthy skin cells and smoothness, and are also beneficial for healing dry or damaged skin. Moreover, they stimulate the production of collagen, which improves the health and elasticity of skin.

8.Support Cardiovascular System

According to U.S Department of Agriculture, supplementary copper might improve the vascular and heart health, although this doesn’t mean that copper is solution to all cardiovascular issues. You shouldn’t replace prescribed medications with copper, but its intake will help you decrease the plaque in arteries and open up blood vessels, thus helping to avoid or enhance blockages.

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