I Had No Idea This Was Causing Me So Much Pain, But Now My Entire Life Just Got Better!

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Feelings of enthysiasm can affect the physical state. Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist in  trauma-induced depression stated in Psychology Today, “Researches have demonstrated that constant pain may be by emotional problems and stress.”

“Frequently, physical pain serve to warn an individual that there is still enthusiastic work to be done,”

  1. Pain in your head

Stress in daily life may cause headaches and migraines. Take time to relax and eas the tension.

  1. Pain in your neck

Think about things you love about others and yourself and forgive  others and yourself if you feel neck pain.

  1. Pain in your shoulders

Emotional pain is tied to the shoulder pain. Focus on solving problems and distribute it to other people as well.

  1. Pain in your upper back

It is most likely you have an absence of emotional support or you may be feeling unloved if you have pain in your upper back.

  1. Pain in your lower back

This is connected to the previous case also if you worried about money . You may ask for a raise or a financial consultation.

  1. Pain in your elbows

This means you oppose changes or you’re stiff. Try going with the flow.

  1. Pain in your hands

This means you’re not connected. Try making new friends and connect with others.

  1. Pain in your hips

This means you’re indecissive or you’re being way to safe. Try changing and moving.

  1. Pain in the knees

This may be a sign of a big ego. Try doing something unconditional.

  1. Pain in your calves

This is caused by stress, jealousy  and emotional tension. Try letting go.

  1. Pain in the anckles

This means you should enjoy yourself more and work on your romantic life.

  1. Pain in your feet

This is caused by depression and negativity. Look for joy, maybe buy a pet or pick up a new hobbie.



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