If Turmeric Is Rubbed Into Your Skin, This Is The Surprising Effect On Your Body

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According to many clinical trials, turmeric is the most effective alternative to many conventional drugs. It has a warm and bitter taste and it is usually added in order to flavor curry powders, mustards, cheeses and butters.

The roots of turmeric

It originates from India, where people have been using it in their dishes, but also for its medicinal properties. Its active compound called curcumin has extremely powerful anti-inflammatory effects and it also has the ability to alleviate cognitive impairment associated with aging. Moreover, Dr. Oz claims that it can improve digestion as well as to reduce inflammation in the colon, menstrual cramps, and many other symptoms.

Multiple health benefits

Due to its amazing properties, turmeric is as effective as many other conventional drugs that support overall health.

– Antidepressant: Kelly Brogan, MD claims that turmeric is as potent as many commonly prescribed antidepressants which are supposed to reduce depression, such as Prozac.

– Cholesterol: According to a 2008 study, a standardized preparation of curcumin is as effective as Lipitor, a drug which is supposed to reduce cholesterol.

– Blood thinner:  Turmeric is similar to aspirin since it act as anticoagulant and it has anti-platelet.

– NSAIDS / Painkiller: It is more effective than analgesic ibuprofen and naproxen and it’s all due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Chemotherapy: Oxaliplatin is commonly used drug in chemotherapy, but turmeric is even more effective and the best part is that it has no side-effects while it prevents the spread of malignant cells.

– Diabetes: According to a 2009 study, curcumin is 500 times more potent than Metaformin in treating diabetes.

– Cancer: Many different studies and trials have discovered that curcumin has the ability to induce the death of cancer cells.

–Ointment for skin:  in combination with almond oil, turmeric can help in the treatment of gum disease, skin ulcers, eye infections, acne, ringworm, bruises, infected wounds, pain of sprains, etc.

Eating fat

Make sure to consume turmeric along with a fat source so that it gets properly assimilated into the body. For instance, in Indian cooking, coconut milk and butter are the most commonly used fatty foods where salt is usually consumed as well. Try a tasty curry to reap its positive benefits!

Source: healthyfoodvision.com

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