If You Have Cravings For These Foods Than You Have Mineral Deficiencies, Here’s What You Must Do

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1. Introduction
Intensive cravings for unhealthy foods are experienced by most people. The cravings may be for refined carbs, chocolate, salty snacks or donuts. We often submit to these unhealthy desires by our bodies. The major problem about this is that eating these unhealthy foods does not end the cravings.

Cravings For These Foods

Scientists now know that these unhealthy cravings are a result from mineral deficiencies. The body craves for these foods since they have these minerals in them. However, the best way to solve these mineral deficiencies is through eating whole foods, not unhealthy snacks.

The cravings can only end by eating the natural sources of the minerals since the nutrients in these foods can be easily absorbed.

2. Chocolate cravings – magnesium deficiency

Nowadays, the most common craving is the craving for chocolate. The craving is a result of magnesium deficiency and many people actually have this deficiency without knowing. 80% of people in the United States suffer from magnesium deficiency and this mineral is needed for many biochemical reactions in the body. It is even needed for relaxation. Actually, the most common symptoms of magnesium deficiency are high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and irritability. Therefore, many people feel relaxed after eating chocolate as cacao provides small amounts of the mineral in chocolates. The chocolate cravings can be ended by consuming healthy foods that are rich in magnesium such as blackstrap molasses, dark leafy green vegetables, beans, seeds, fish and nuts.

3. Sugary foods cravings – tryptophan, chromium, sulfur, phosphorus and carbon deficiency

The second most common craving is the craving for sugary foods. This craving is the most difficult craving to solve since 5 deficiencies may cause it. The craving may be caused by: chromium deficiency – needed to regulate the blood sugar, carbon deficiency, phosphorus deficiency – needed to produce energy, sulfur deficiency – needed to cleanse toxins and tryptophan deficiency – needed to regulate serotonin levels. Improve your diet to end these deficiencies.

4. Refined carbs cravings – nitrogen deficiency

Nitrogen deficiency causes cravings for refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta. Nitrogen compounds are found in protein and nucleic acids, so deficiency in nitrogen can often also be the result of protein deficiency which can result in malnutrition. The best sources of nitrogen are vegetables and fruits.

5. Other less common food cravings

Even though the following cravings are rarer than the previously mentioned once, they are also reported by people.

Fatty and oily food cravings are a result of calcium deficiency. Excellent sources of calcium are broccoli, raw milk, turnip greens and cheese.

Iron deficiency often causes ice cravings. Foods rich in iron are sea vegetables, leafy green vegetables, blackstrap molasses and meat.

Silicon and chloride deficiencies cause salty food cravings. Add more seeds, nuts and fish to your diet.





Source: Wise Mind Healthy Body


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