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Son: Dad, can I ask you something?12311121_433624660165289_8320348136989628847_n

Father: Of course. What is it

Son: Dad, how much you make on one  hour?

Father: That’s none of your business. Why do you ask?

Son: I just want to know. Please tell me how much you make an hour?

Father: If you must know, 10$

Son: Yeah …

Son: Dad can you lend me 5$

The father was furious.

Father: If the only reason why are you looking for money is that you would like to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, you should immediately packed and go to bed! I’m killing myself from working to earn for all of us, and you just think about yourself and your appetites!

The boy was crestfallen went into the room and closed the door.

The father sat at the table, and grew louder and angrier because of questions put to him by the boy. How dare he ask such a thing? After an hour, the father calmed down and thought little of everything: ‘Maybe there was something he really needed, and I therefore ask 5$.  After all, he rarely ask for money. ‘The father then went to her son’s room.

Father: Are you asleep, son?

Son: No, Dad, I’m awake.

Father: I’m thinking something … maybe I was too rough. Today It was hard at work, so I dumped on you. Here’s the 5$  you asked.

The boy smiled and said cheerfully: ‘Thank you, Daddy!’ Then he took a crumpled bank notes, which were under the pillow. Father noted that he already has some money, so he went back to get angry. The boy slowly counted the money, and then looked at his father:

Father: What do you need more money if you already have as much as you wanted?

Sin: I did not have enough, but now I have … Dad, I have  now 10$. Can I buy one hour of your time? Please come early tomorrow from work, so that we can  all have dinner together!

Father felt broken. He embraced his son and asked him to forgive.

Just a short reminder to all of us who work hard in life. We must not allow time to pass, and that you do not spend with people who are really important to us in life and we love. Next time, remember to spend 200 din of your time with people you love! One day, when we die, the company we work for will replace us in a matter of days. But family and friends who remain will feel the loss of life.

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