Irritable Colon? Not Anymore With These Natural Remedies! You Should Definitely Try!

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The syndrome known as the irritable colon – irritable bowel suffers more people than you think. This disease causes changes in intestinal transit, abdominal pains and periods that range from constipation to diarrhea, all accompanied by gas and bloating. Find out how to find relief in the following article.

Kefir against irritable colon

This probiotic helps to regenerate the bacterial flora which means that it normalizes the transit of the intestine at the same time as it treats the cramps. Its effect varies depending on the hours of fermentation, so you have to adapt it to the needs of each person. So if it is a case of diarrhea, you should choose a kefir that has been fermented for thirty-six hours and take it with a quince candy.

On the other hand, if the problem is constipation, one should choose one that has fermented for twelve hours and accompany it with a little and oats. Once the intestinal transit has been regulated, it is necessary to take a kefir of twenty-four hours of fermentation.

Corn flour against irritable colon

Corn is the only cereal that contains beta-carotenes making it an excellent protector of the digestive mucosa. Semolina normalizes the function of the intestine and counts with a high level of vitamins B and magnesium that contribute to calms the nerves. As it contains little fiber and is free of glucose it is digested much better than those derived from wheat.

Avocado against irritable colon

Enriching salads or sandwiches with an avocado is a very healthy way of taking care of the bowel, especially when it is replaced by cured cheeses or butter. You can turn a single dish with this ingredient if it is accompanied by proteins that are low in fat like turkey, chicken or tuna to the natural since diets that are rich in protein helps to improve the abdominal pain as well as the urgency to go to the bathroom.

Balm against irritable colon

When nerves or stress are the cause of digestive problems such as gas, nausea, bloating or intestinal spasms, Melissa is an excellent choice. It can be combined equally with hibiscus or mauve when a mild laxative is needed.

Choose well

When suffering from this disorder you must avoid the consumption of legumes since they are flatulent and do not feel too good in these cases, so it is best to opt for fresh peas for example and if possible, consume them in the form of puree. Another option is to consume germinated vegetables such as soybean shoots that contain enzymes and mucilages, are much more digestive.

In the case of dairy products, you must choose yogurts, live fermented cheese or fermented milk, since consuming probiotics improves the sensitivity of the intestine and changes in its movement.

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