Is it dangerous to lick ingredients from spoon while making a cake?

Most of the people while they are making cakes, lick the spoon or the mixer blades. But, you should not do that at all. Here's why.
While you are making cakes, you put fresh ingredients which may be hazardous for your health. If in the cake mixture, you put raw eggs, there is possibility from causing salmonela, which causes diarhea, vomiting and other harmful symptoms. When the eggs are termally processed, possibility of salmonela is very low. See how to thicken the filling for cakes. Eggs are present in most of the cakes, and they can have bad influence on your health if they are not termally processed or boiled enough. So, next time when you want to lick the spoon or mixer blades, remember of this article and don't do it. See how to quickly remove filling from the mixer blades. Even if you don't put raw eggs in the cake, you shouldn't lick the filling, because you certainly put flour and other ingredients that can cause irritability and other unpleasant symptoms, like stomach ache. Be patient while the cake is baked and enjoy in it without any fear that you may be sick.

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