Juice That Dislodges Mucus From The Lungs Of Children And Raises Immunity: One glass makes miracles! (RECIPE)

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This preparation is extremely effective in combating child’s cough and restoring immunity.

This recipe is intended for children who cough for days and from whose lungs can be heard noices. Specifically, a small glass of this juice will help you get rid of mucus and to restore immunity.



  • 1 cup hulled oats
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water


Wash the oats and put it into a pot with a cup of water and a cup of sugar (volume of cups – 200 ml).

Let the mixture boil and cook it for a few minutes. It is best to cook it in the evening and leave the mixture to stand until the morning.

In the morning strain the oats and put the medicinal liquid in a jar. Keep it refrigerated.

From this mixture (1 cup oat + 1 water + 1 sugar) you will have enough juice for 4-5 days.


Every morning on an empty stomach give the child a small glass of juice (about 30 ml), and like that for 40 days.

Then make a break for 15 days, and start giving the juice again every morning for 40 days.

The child will throw out the mucus from the body and return the lost immunity.

It is important not to skip days, that the child drinks the juice every morning and to hold the term of 40 days of application, to rest for 15 days and to repeat again 40 days of drinking juice.

Once you pass this cycle with a child, you will no longer have a need for it because the child will not be so prone to colds and viruses.

Why oats?

Studies have shown that the oats is one of the biologically most valuable foods on earth, but also a medicinal plant! If from the grains of oat is removed the indigestible husks, the oats comprises a plurality of high biological and medicinal active substances, among other things, lecithin, vitamins A and B, a variety of useful proteins and acid, niacin, biotin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium , iodine and other important elements.

Mucus of oats prepared as a soup or porridge is indispensable food for patients who are recovering from surgery of the stomach and intestines, ulcers, jaundice and lung and throat, gall bladder, kidney, circulatory and diabetes.

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