Look at your fingertips – everyone signifies an organ

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Balance the energy of the body with this ancient Japanese art and philosophy

Each finger signifies an organ, and pressure to a specific spot you can make a balance – according to the old Japanese art and philosophy.

It is part of alternative medicine based on the pressure of the fingers, and through specific points to balance the energy of the body which is important for the physical and emotional health.

How to apply:

-During the exercise try to relax and concentrate on the symptoms that you have. Breathe slowly and deeply.

-By Opposite hand take the respective finger, surround it and press it with the whole hand.

– Hold this position for two minutes. You will feel pulse of your finger.

-During the exercise breathe uniformly and slowly.

– For exercise of the whole body follow each finger individually, each hold is three minutes.


Which benefits has this technique:

-It reduces pain and stress,

-It regulates dream

-It increases circulation and concentration,

-It strengthens immunity,

-It improves skin and cleans the body.


The thumb

Organs: Abdominal organs

Emotions: Depression and tension

Physical symptoms: Painful stomach, skin problems, headaches, nervousness



The index finger

Organs: Kidney and bladder

Emotions: frustration, fear, mental overload

Physical symptoms: pain in joints and muscles, toothache and the gums problem, addiction, digestive obstacles.


The middle finger

Organs: liver and bile

Emotions: indecision, anger, irritation

Physical symptoms: problems with circulation, menstrual pains, eye problems and vision, fatigue, migraine headache.


The ring finger

Organs: lungs and large intestine

Emotions: negativity, sadness, fear from rejecting

Physical symptoms: digestive problems, buzzing in the ears, asthma or other respiratory problems, depth changes in the skin.


The little finger


Organs: heart and small intestine

Emotions, insecurity, anxiety, feelings of inferiority

Physical symptoms: problems with blood pressure, heart failure, sore throat, problems with bones and nervous system, and bloating.


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