Medicines for cleaning ovarian from the alternative medicine


Tincture of herbs


Put it in a jar:

2 tablespoons wormwood

1 teaspoon crushed leaf of birch

1 finely chopped leaf of aloe cactus

1 chopped red pungent pepper

1 liter of vodka



All the ingredients mix in a larger glass jar and pour a liter of vodka. Close the jar and leave to stand for 10 days. Then filter the mixture.


Drink 1 tablespoon of the tincture mixed with three tablespoons of water, three times a day 20 minutes before meals.

When you drink two doses of this tincture situation significantly improves.

Bets from wormwood

4 tablespoons wormwood put in bags made of gauze and dipped in boiling water. Leave the bag in boiling water to stand for 5 minutes, and then remove.

When cool down enough, slightly above body temperature, place it on the lower abdomen, and put the bag through a cotton cloth. Do this every night, over a month.

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