Miracle! After Reading This, You Will Never Throw Away Mango Seed Again

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People usually tend to throw away mango seed after eating the fruit, but this is a huge mistake and in this article we will show you why.

Before eating the mango, make sure to take the seed out and save it. After that, wash off the mash and allow it to dry. Next, use scissors in order to open the part and evacuate the seed.

With a chiming blade, expel the cocoa surface out of the seed. This is quite difficult so you need to use both your hands, and make sure not to scratch the seed. Once you take off the seed, absorb its water. Remember to change the water every day, and you should do this for 4 days until the germination of the seed.

Next, take a pot and put clammy fertilized soil. After that, place the seed and you should cover the roots in the dirt, and one a player in the seed need to be obvious.

Once placed, cover it with a thin layer of rock and then water the plant. Make sure to drench the dirt completely. It is extremely important to place the plant where there is a lot of daylight. Sit tight for germination process, and water the plant following 1 or 2 days.

After just 8 days, you will have plant tall around 10-18 cm and the seed will turn green. Within the following 20 days, the plant will start creating green clears out.

Source: fhfn.org

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