Miraculous 5 Minute Facial Massage To Clear Your Blocked Nose

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Blocked nose can be really annoying condition, so in this article we will present you one simple massage technique which will help you stimulate acupressure points on the face, thus clearing up a stuffed or runny nose.

In order to apply the pressure, you need to use your index finger and apply it to each pair of points for approximately ten seconds at a time. Make sure the pressure is firm, but not so much that it causes pain. After that, you need to rotate your finger very slightly on each point so that the effects is a gentle pressure and release.

You can perform this massage wherever you want since it doesn’t require special equipment and it is very simple to perform.

You should start at the points either side of each nostril, and as you slowly rotate your index fingers, your nostril will close. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can alter the rotations so that you only have one nostril closed at a time.

Next, you should slide your fingers upwards towards the bridge of the nose while applying the rotating pressure right above the inner corners of your eyes.

Then, slide your fingers up over your eyebrows and around your eyes so that they rest on your cheekbones. Here you need to apply the ten second pressure to the third pair of points.

With your two fingers, stroke your cheekbones from the nose towards your ears and apply pressure to the fourth pair of points, behind the earlobes.

In the end, massage your earlobes gently.

You need to repeat this method 3 times per day and you will feel an immediate relief.

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