Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

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Although pesticides are useful when it comes to destroying pests that are harmful to crops, these substances can seriously damage people’s health. This is why we all desperately try to avoid them by all means, but that seems quite impossible. Unfortunately, they are everywhere – sprayed in school playgrounds and public parks, and even the produce we buy from grocery stores can be high in these toxic substances.

As a precaution, we all thoroughly wash our produce prior to consumption, or we stick to buying organic or homegrown fruits and vegetables. Still, pesticides somehow always manage to creep into our homes, which is confirmed by the recent discovery of extremely high levels of these toxic substances in several popular tea brands including Twinings, Lipton and Tetley.

Pesticides in Tea

The following major tea-producing companies were included in a CBC News investigation on pesticide levels:

Red Rose
Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea)
King Cole
Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea)
No Name
Employing the same testing method as the one employed by the national Food Inspection Agency, the investigators from CBC carried out their testing of the pesticide residue on the dry tea leaves in an accredited lab. The findings showed that more than half of all the teas included in the testing contained pesticide residues that were above the legally acceptable limit. Moreover, eight out of the ten teas tested were also found to contain multiple chemicals. One of these teas was found to contain over 22 different kinds of pesticides.Continue on next page…



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