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High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous disease nowadays. It is caused by sleeps deprivation, increased stress, obesity, smoking, increased consuming of alcohol and salty food.1

What happens when you have high blood pressure?

This condition is happening when the muscles get really tense, the blood vessels contract and the pressure rises. Your blood is forcing the walls on your artery much more, and when the heart pumps more blood the arteries gets thinner, and with this the blood pressure get higher.

In order to normalize your blood pressure the doctor of the Moscow soccer club “Spartak”, Lu Hun Sen, reveals an ancient Chinese medicine secret.

Points 1-2

You don’t have to massage or press the line that passes from the middle of the clavicle to the back of your earlobe. Use your finger’s tips and gently caress the hand from the bottom to top. Do this 10 times on one and 10 times on the other side.

Point 3

This line begins from your face in the height with the earlobe nearly half inch away from your ear and ends towards your nose.

Massage the both sides with your fingertips for about 60 seconds. Don’t push hard because you might feel pain. The point is to feel pressure to a certain place.

Be sure that this treatment will return your blood pressure to normal, so don’t hesitate to apply it.

In the Chinese medicine the key of regulation your blood pressure is massaging these points. This will enable proper blood flow in the body, and the body will quickly prevent the disease.

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