Natural Remedies To Treat Swollen Knees

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Arthritis, injury, or weak structure of the bone can cause knee pain. At the beginning numbness may appear, redness and stiffness, and also it can be hard for you to stand or walk. The reason for this can be knee effusion, which is a fluid buildup in the knee joint, and a swelling that is caused by the released fluid by the affected tissues.



Try these natural remedies:

Egg yolk and table salt – use one tbsp. of salt and fresh egg yolk to make a mixture and treat the affected area. Cover it with clingy paper and tighten it with elastic bandage. Change the cover in two hours, five times a day. The oil that is contained in the egg, passes through the skin, and carries metals to the affected area. The magnesium contained in the table salt decreases swelling and relaxes the muscles by reducing the amount of fluid in tissues.

The elevation, compression, rest, and ice remedy – common injury may cause twisted knee, strain, or sprain and the pain relief is often found in resting your knees, applying ice using cold frozen compress or vegetables. The swelling and pain has been decreased by the cold, which constricts the blood vessels to decrease blood flow to the affected area. Also you can apply slightly tightened compression bandages to reduce swelling.

Apple cider vinegar – this cause the alkalizing effect that eliminates the toxins and waste that builds up in the knees. Use two tbsp. of ACV and one glass of water and consume it until the pain disappears. You can also use ACV by applying it in a bat for soaking your knee for about 10 minutes. After all, make a mixture of ACV and some olive oil and gently massage the affected area twice a day.

Mustard oil – use mustard oil to massage the affected area to improve circulation, relief pain, and reduce swelling.

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