Nature can Help in Gangrene Case Nature can Help in Gangrene Case

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Gangrene is a serious disease that can affects a large number of people. It is caused by stopped blood circulation which leads to premature cell death and necrosis of living tissue. Circulation disorder most often occurs after injury, severe burns, or various infections. In addition, impaired circulation can cause diabetes, arteriosclerosis, drug addiction, smoking. Gangrene can occur in almost all parts of the body, including internal organs.

It is believed that as many as 50% of gangrene caused serious injuries, as well as poorly repaired wounds and infections during medical surgery. It is extremely dangerous because it spreads, more specifically, may cover a large area, which in most cases leads to amputation of the infected part of the body, most commonly the limbs. A large number of people who could not come to terms with the amputation of part of the body resorted to the natural methods which have often proved effective.

Gangrene Natural treatment

Take 400 ml vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Add a piece of beeswax, about 80 grams. Put on low heat and melt the wax. Cook an egg, separate the yolk and mashed. When being heard, add the yolk. Put oil on a heat and when it begins to penny, remove from heat and wait. Return to the fire and add the remaining egg yolks. The mix will become dark brown. Remove from heat and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth. When the fat has cooled, put into a glass jar and sealed. Kept in refrigerator up to 10 months. Salve to smear the infected parts, and put through a paper napkin and changed every 2 hours.Balm-Homemade

Aloe Vera

Take juice from Aloe Vera Leaves. Directly in this juice dip infected parts of the body, especially if the gangrene of the fingers. Kept as long as possible.


Chop 200 grams of garlic and pour a liter of 60% alcohol. Close well and leave to stand for 14 days. Strain through a many layered fabric. You should get liquid color. Put lining on ill place.



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