Only Two Ingredients And That Is It, The Inflammation Stops!

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Besides that helps overcoming inflammation of the bladder, it helps in strengthening the immune system and restoring energy, which is highly important in fighting the inflammation.

Bladder inflammation is a painful subject for many women. Bladder inflammation is often treated with antibiotics which in turn cause new difficulties, such as fungal infections.

This problem can be treated naturally. Besides consuming a large amount of liquid (at least three liters a day) there are other natural remedies that positively influence the treatment of inflammation. Here are two effective recipes, whose effectiveness was confirmed by many women. This recipe used to be prepared and used by our grandmothers.

Garlic and water

All you need are two deciliters of hot water and 5-6 cloves of garlic. Peel and chop the garlic in small pieces, then pour hot water over it and leave it to stand still for 10 minutes. Afterwards you need to strain the liquid and drink it. If you want to you can enrich and sweeten the beverage’s flavor by adding honey. Drink the remedy twice a day for two days. The result will not be excluded.

Banana and parsley

We already know that parsley is great diuretic. All you have to do, in order to prepare this remedy, is mix some fresh leaves of parsley (a small bundle), a few bananas and a little water. Mix everything well in order to get enough liquid mixture that can be drank. Drink this beverage it in the morning, on an empty stomach before breakfast. Besides it will solve the inflamed bladder, it will also help you by strengthening the immune system and increasing your energy level.

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