Oranges, Apples And Celery Can Make Your Pits Smell Better. Here Is Why

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The saying goes-You are what you eat. Your breath, hygene and scent reflect your diet.

To control your scent don’t only use deodorants, try changing your diet too.

Study: fruits and vegetables make men smell better

Researchers found that men who consume more fruits and veggies are more attractive to women due to the floral and sweet scent they exibit.

Men who consumed meat, tofy and egg smelled fairly pleasant and men who ate bread, pasta and carbs smelled the least pleasant. This goes to show that odor is an indicator to the human health.

In this study it was also found that yellow skin which is a result of carotenoid-rich foods is more attractive to women.

What comes out reflects what’s going in

Fatigue and pain are signs that the human body is imbalanced. The type of oder as well.

Encourage internal deodorization

It is believed that odor is the result of toxins in our bodies. Just like we take meds to relieve the pain we use deodorants to cover the odor.

Instead of using deodorant try imroving your diet and exclude refined white flour, processed sugars and hydrogenated oils and opt for a plant-based diet. This way the key phytonutrients help cleanse your body and give you a nicer body scent.

Which foods should I eat for sweeter smelling pits?

Try a plant-based diet and try these foods:

Citrus fruits

Citrus and lemons will help you flush water and toxins and balance your pH.


Due to the ability to deodorize the enzymes found in garlic, apples will help you fight bad breath. Spinach, green tea, parsley, lemon juice and mint can also help.


Mint improves digestion and breath. It contains chlorophyll and menthol and may neutralize body odor and reduce sweat glands activity.


Celery contains vitamin K, potassium, folate, androstenol and androstenone which cause phermone realese.


Cilantro contains chlorophyl which has detoxifing properties that combat bad odor. A healthy diet promotes a more pleasant smell.


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