Oxford Neuroscientist Has A Grim New Warning For People Who Cook With Vegetable Oils Like Corn And Canole!

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People all over the world tend to use vegetable oil in cooking, but unfortunately, they put their life in danger. This is why the British scientists conducted a study which showed that we should definitely ditch the cheap vegetable oils and instead opt for healthier choices like olive oil, coconut oil, butter and even lard.

There are many evidences that it is much healthier to cook with a good old fashioned saturated fats because they will help you protect not only your body health, but also your brain from serious long-term damage and side effects.

Low fat vegetable oils cause serious health problems and this was discovered by   Martin Grootveld, a scientist from De Montfort University in Britain and by John Stein, a scientist from Oxford University. Grootveld and his team analyzed the levels of aldehydic “lipid oxidation products” (LOPs), and they discovered that heating the oils led to the release of high levels of chemicals linked to cancer, heart disease and even dementia, aledhydes.

Professor Stein from Oxford backed up this findings and he also found something even more disturbing about these polyunsaturated oils.

According to the study, there are healthier options than the abovementioned vegetable oils when it comes to cooking. Besides being genetically engineered, they also become rancid when heated and when are left exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.

Instead of cooking with vegetable oils, you should use grass fed butter, olive oil or lard. However, the best solution for cooking is coconut oil because it has the lowest levels of these harmful chemicals. Moreover, some studies claim that coconut oil maintains its integrity even after 6 hours of continuous deep frying.


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