Place a Few Leaves of This Plant In Every Corner of Your House And You Will Never See a Single Cockroach Again

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Cockroaches are very dangerous insects. Not only because of their appearance but because of the fact that it is often associated with garbage and dirt.


They have a highly developed power of adaptation and therefore can be seen worldwide.

Cockroaches are perhaps the strongest of insects in the world. They can survive without food for a month.

But we will help you to get rid of these nasty insects once and for all.

The most powerful cockroaches repellent – Bay leaves

Bay leaves are the best natural cockroach repellent. This herb will not kill cockroaches, but soon will drive them away from your home. Just place bay leaves on every corner in your house.

Place the bay leaves and never see cockroaches around your home.They are perfect for areas where the food is stored, such as the kitchen or pantry because they are safe and non-toxic.

It is advisable to put the bay leaf in the garden for safety of your children and pets.

The leaves can be used fresh and dry. But the best way to use these leaves is to crush dry leaves and make a powder.

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