Planted your disease in the pot- a method of treatment according to one Russian doctor

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According to the Russian doctor, the disease can be transmitted from patient to any other organism, so the herb. This doctor to his patients suggests a completely natural and unusual method of treatment for which you need the ability for planting herbs.

Of the Russian portal for alternative medicine appears text from the doctor Boris N. Holodenkov in which he argues that treatment is possible, if your disease is planted in a pot with flowers. If you want to try this alternative method, carefully read the text. The doctor notes that no contraindications. Russian doctors are known for their traditional beliefs and application of alternative medicine and it does not surprise us this very unusual way of healing.

Note: the text is informative!

The procedure is simple: the sick person should take a small amount of his bodily fluids, pus, urine, sweat, mucus, and to mingle with the ground in which continue to plant herb.

In the pot with soil should be planted 2-3 seeds or clove (onion) of the plant, whose planetary sign coincides with the sign of illness, and to wait until it appears the young plant in height from a few centimeters.

Then, carefully, along with root retrieves the whole herb, so burns if the disease is associated with the secretion of blood, pus, sweat and mucus. In all other cases, the herb is thrown into the river, across the water. After that, the disease passes.


The herb should be planted when the moon is on the wane. It is the period between the full and new moon. In nature and in the human body at this time there is a tendency towards refinement. Moon on the decline drought, shrinking, empty, and highlights the activity to clean. The herb should also be planted on Saturdays, Sundays or birthday of the sick person. It should also be destroyed when the moon is on the wane.

Plants which will be planted have to be from seed, seed or onion, and not root (except ran) because the herb can also perish, which is not good for the patient.

To cure the sickness using a plant grown in a pot, it is necessary to know the planets that govern the actual disease, and found proper herb.


Moon: rheumatism, gout, festering wounds, menstrual disorders, lice, pruritus, lichen, epilepsy, sleepwalking, depression, melancholy, alcoholism.

Mars: Diseases of the ear, lung, colds, hemorrhoids, sciatica, migraine, wounds, internal bleeding, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, constipation, gangrene.

Mercury:  diseases of the brain, fatigue, dizziness, stuttering, fears, dental ulcers, ulcers of the skin, acne, fistulas.

Jupiter cardiovascular, gastrointestinal disease, pancreas, spleen, hypertension, angina, eye diseases, intoxication, muscle disorders, bone disease.

Venus: sexually transmitted diseases, urinary infections, sexual perversity.

Saturn: endocrine diseases and lymphatic system, cancer diseases, infertility, lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, dementia, fractures, eczema, undiagnosed diseases.

Sun: burns, frostbite, severe infections, influenza, severe heart and eye paralysis (due to trauma or stroke), dermatitis, neurosis, heat stroke, poor metabolism (thickness).


Moon: anemone, aster, Veronica, cabbage, iris, camellia, cucumber, carrot.

Mars: asparagus, basil, nettle, leek, radish, Rothko, beets, onions.

Mercury: anise, valerian, peas, clover, tomatoes, chicory.

Jupiter: sunflower, jasmine, green salad, sesame, lemon, mint, dandelion, peony, rose, rosemary, wheat.

Venus: begonia, carnation, geranium, gladiolus, tulip, yarrow beans.

Saturn: rosemary, potatoes, celery, dill.

Sun: hyacinth, cilantro, marigold, sunflower, corn, thyme, sage.

Sometimes the disease cannot be defined to belong to one or another planet; for example, viral hepatitis on one side is a disease of the liver (Mars) and the other is an infectious disease (Sun). In such cases, they should use both plants and to plant in different pots, but required the same day.

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