Position of The Acne on Your Body Shows of Which Disease You Suffer!

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Studies have shown that the location of acne on your body or face can say a lot about your health, particularly for your system or body.

It is very simple to recognize the signs. Just imagine that your body is map divided in zones. Read this article to find out which region corresponds to what kind of disease or problem.


Zone 1: Hormones

If you have acne on your chin and neck, that probably indicates that you have a problem with the adrenal gland, and also another reason for their appearance is excessive consumption of sugar and strong stress.

Zone 2 and 3: Stress

Acne on the shoulders show that your immunity is weakened. Reduce the speed of life,  find more free time and relax.

Zone 4: The digestive system

Appearance of acne on the chest often are signal that you are consuming unhealthy food or that you have problem with digestive system. You should eat healthy food.

Zone 5 and 6: Level of fat

Acne in this area are sign that you have lacks vitamins. It is not recommended to consume vitamin pills, because according to some research the artificial vitamins does not have the same effect as the natural vitamins. So we suggest you to consume more fruits and vegetables.

Zone 7: Levels of blood sugar

If acne occur your stomach area, that usually means you have high level of blood sugar. Stop with the consummation of white sugar and white bread, eat fruits and vegetables and you will notice that acne will disappear.

Zone 8: Hygiene or STDs

Acne in this area may be caused by poor hygiene. But if you have acne and itching that can be a sign of sexually transmitted disease. You must go to a doctor.

Zone 9 and 10, skin problems or allergies

If you have acne on the lower legs, probably appeared from shaving or waxing. Acne on the upper legs and also the hips most often are reaction to detergents and cosmetics you use. So, next time be careful with the choice of products.

Zone 11 and 12, nervous and digestive systems

According to studies acne in this are initiate that the diet is unhealthy and you eat high – calorie foods. Also it could mean that you are not sleeping enough and your brain is overloaded.

Zone 13 and 14: Problems with the digestive system

If you have acne in this area, you probably consume unhealthy food or even you have problems with the digestive system.

Our skin is showing signs and tries to notify us for the condition and behalf of our internal organs. So, next time be careful and read the signs that the body shows to you.




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