Prepare Your Favorite Nutritional Fruit Frappe

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All of us would like to refresh during the hot summer days. The best way to refresh yourself is to prepare nutritional fruit frappe.

Actually, fruit frappe is very nutritious meal that will refresh, give you energy and protect your health. It is recommended to be prepared with less fat milk and to contain soy milk or rice, as well as wide variety of fruits.

This fruit frappe is incredibly delicious, full of vitamins, and can be prepared in few minutes.

Nutritional Fruit Frappe

Here are some tips how to prepare healthy fruit frappe.

Frappe is best prepared with banana which gives slurry mixture and bonds the fruit with the milk. With this recipe you do not need to add sugar because the banana contains enough sugar, especially if you blend it with other sour fruits such as: Bitter Orange, Citron, Grapefruit, and Mandarin Orange.

If you want to prepare excellent and delicious frappe, you need to put the right amount of groceries and milk. The basis for every good frappe is 1 cup of milk and banana, as well as other fruit trees may be used. You should prepare the fruit frappe with blender.

Last but not least, despite the base of the banana and milk, you can also add apple and kiwi fruit. Those fruits are not expensive and they are available in every store. In addition, they give good nutrition and vitamins. On this basis you can later add any fruit by desire.

Do not forget that you may add some almonds, which have excellent nutritional values.

Do don’t wait, find your favorite fruit, prepare your delicious fruit frappe and enjoy!

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