Put Cabbage Leaves Onto Your Chest and Legs Before You Go To Sleep if You Experience Frequent Headaches-the Next Morning You Will Feel Healthier Than Ever!

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Cabbage leaves have many beneficial properties and they can derive the diseases out of our body. Besides that, cabbage is one excellent ingredient for preparation of various meals and it is useful for treating any kind of conditions. Some of them are:

Headaches – The headache can sometimes be associated with any kind of problem with the eyes. But in meantime, they can be caused by stress or exhaustion. For solving the headaches, apply coating of fresh cabbage on the face and upper the head. Put cap so the leaves can stand in place.

Edema caused by trauma – If you have injury to your arm or leg and the injured place starts to swell, put fresh cabbage leaves and tighten them with bandage. Do the same procedure if you hurt your wrist or have problems with swollen feet. For achieving better results with this treatment, practice it at night and sleep with the coating.

Thyroid gland – The normal functioning of the thyroid gland is very important for proper function of the growth hormone, better digestion, and better metabolism. If you want to improve the work of your thyroid gland and to restore the normal functioning, put leaves of cabbage on the gland. Cover the leaves with bandage or scarf. Spend the night with the coating and remove it in the morning.

Pain due to breast- feeding – Women who breast feed their kids sometimes have severe pain in the chest. The pain can be reduced if you put fresh leaves of cabbage to your breast for some while. You can put them during the day or overnight.


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