Raw Garlic Juice – 7 Proven Benefits (And How Not To Get A Bad Breath By Drinking It)

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You have all probably heard about the great benefits of garlic. Well, in this article, we will present you 7 great benefits of garlic juice. It may sound weird, but yes, you can prepare and drink garlic juice.

Garlic is extremely beneficial vegetable for your overall health, and the best part is that you can consume it in lots of ways since there are ton of recipes that call for it.

Juicing the garlic is one of the easiest and most potent ways to ingest it. Look at the following reasons why:

-Helps sore throats and coughs: to relieve a cough and to prevent sore throat, mix hot water with garlic juice and drink it. You can add some pomegranate juice as well in order to add some bonus antioxidant benefits.

-Helps to treat the bites of insects: to get a relief from an insect bite, just make sure to apply garlic juice topically on the affected area and massage it gently.

-Aids the growth of the hair: all you have to do is to apply a bit of garlic juice on the spots that are bald and leave it to dry. Repeat this method 2 times per day and the results will be visible within a few days.

-Helps with problems with asthma: you can control an asthma attack just my mixing honey, several drops of garlic juice and one glass of water.

-Balances your cholesterol: in order to decrease the shrinking, hardening and thickening of your arteries, try drinking garlic juice on a regular basis.

-Controls infertility: the consumption of warm coconut or almond milk combined with several drops of garlic juice can help to control infertility in women.

-Clears acne and pimples: to get rid of acne and pimples, just apply garlic juice on your skin and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

How To Make And Drink Garlic Juice


  • Bulb of organic garlic
  • Coffee filter
  • Fine mesh sieve
  • Food processor
  • Spoon


  1. First of all, peel the garlic
  2. Next, put it to your food processor and blend it until you get a paste that is wet.
  3. Add the garlic paste in a mesh sieve that is placed over a bowl.
  4. In order to allow the juice to drop into the bowl, press the paste with a spoon.
  5. Use a filter coffee to filter the garlic
  6. Once done, store it in a bottle and keep it in your fridge for future use.

Taking Garlic Juice In Various Ways:

  • You can consume it directly, but if you add some water to decrease its potency, it will work as well.
  • Another alternative that is also good is to mix it with many other vegetables, fruits, smoothies and green juices.
  • You are also allowed to use whole garlic instead of garlic juice in the recipes.
  • You can add several drops of garlic juice to dressing of salads or soups.
  • Raw juice of garlic together with herbs can be drizzled on the top of a piece of bread.
  • You can add several drops of garlic juice while stir-frying, steaming or baking some

As you all know, garlic has a distinctive smell that promotes bad garlic breath, so in order to eliminate it, look at the following tricks:

  • Consume green tea.
  • Chew on some parsley.
  • Eat spinach.
  • Drink some lemon juice or a glass of lemon water.
  • Eat raw apples.

As you can see, garlic has numerous health benefits, it is not difficult to prepare it, so don’t hesitate and add it to your daily diet to stay healthy and safe.


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