Re-Energize Your Entire Body In 5 Minutes With This Ancient 5 Finger Technique

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Often the best medicine can be found when we look to the past. For all the amazing developments of science in recent years, it can still often pale in comparison to the experience and wisdom gained over thousands of years of history.And often, the most interesting of these remedies comes from the East.

In this particular case we’re looking at a fascinating remedy that comes from the ancient Japanese art of ‘Jean Shin Jyutsy’. This is a treatment that is said to be able to balance the emotions, simply by stimulating certain parts of the hands.Intrigued? Then read on!


The theory of Jean Shin Jyutsu is that each of the fingers and each point on the hand is tied to an organ of the body. At the same time, it is believed that each of those organs is in turn linked to specific emotions. In theory then, you can manipulate both the health of your organs and the function of your emotions by manipulating your hands.

So if you wanted to affect the c bladder, you might press in the middle of the hand, about 2cm from the bottom. You can find diagrams online and if you then practice with each finger, you should be able to get a whole body refresh. Hold each point for three minutes. Here is a short guide to the role of different parts of the body.


  • Organs: spleen and stomach.
  • Emotion: depression, anxiety.
  • Symptoms: nervousness, abdominal pain, headaches, skin problems.


  • Organs: bladder and kidneys.
  • Emotion: confusion, fear.
  • Symptoms: problems with the digestive system, muscle aches, toothache, backache.


  • Organs: gall-bag and liver.
  • Emotion: irritability, anger.
  • Symptoms: migraine, vision problems, problems with blood circulation, fatigue, menstrual pain, frontal headache.


  • Organs: colon and lungs.
  • Emotion: grief, negativity and sadness.
  • Symptoms: problems with digestion, asthma, respiratory problems.


So for instance then, if you had feelings of nervousness, or you were struggling with asthma, you might try applying light pressure to the ring finger for around three minutes.Does it work? Well… why not try yourself!Of course this is very much an ‘alternative remedy’.

There is no scientific backing for these ideas and the links between different parts of the body are very much arbitrary. But then again, the practice has survived for thousands of years which makes you think that perhaps there is some merit. We know that disparate areas of the body can be linked and we know that the stomach for instance produces a lot of hormones that control our emotions.

As the process is free and takes just three minutes, there’s no harm in trying. If it works for you, then great! But just make sure that for any serious health problems, you always consult your doctor. Alternative remedies should only ever be used as supplementary treatments and not as an alternative to medicines that have been proven to work in laboratory settings.






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