Rheumatism Miraculously Disappears with this Natural Remedy

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Rheumatism is an umbrella term for any condition marked by inflammation and pain in the joints. Severe pain which intensifies at night as well, as unpleasant numbness are one of the most common symptoms of this condition. The good news is that there is a woman who came up with a cure for this debilitating condition and has decided to share with all rheumatism sufferers.

After numerous examinations and visits to the doctors, this woman was prescribed various drugs, such as pills and creams. However, nothing seemed to help and she decided to turn to alternative medicine. As she explains, “I thought there is nothing I can lose, the pain was unbearable, and the tablets that I drank made me other problems!”

Amazingly, it has been ten years since she has tried this recipe and the pain never returned!


-1 liter of distilled water
-250 g dry alfalfa, clover ( medicago sativa)
-2 kg homemade wildflower honey


-First, cook the alfalfa over a low heat for an hour.
-Remove from fire, strain, and add the honey once slightly cooled.
-Let it cool completely.

Directions of Use:

Take two tablespoons of the remedy after eating, three times daily.

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