Rice water – why you should not dispose the water in which you prepare the rice


More energy, healthier skin and shiny hair are just some of the benefits that you will take from this old Chinese recipe, why become increasingly popular in the modern West civilization. A healthy body and beautiful skin will accomplish only whit two cheap ingredients, namely rice and water.


1-It shall give energy

2-Prevent gastroenteritis

3-Prevent cancer

4-Regulates blood pressure

5-Regulates body temperature

6-Prevents and cures constipation.



Wash your face for softer skin

An excellent tonic

Reduces pores

– Makes the hair shiny and healthier

Boil the rice in more water than usual. Drain excess water, and the rest of rice, prepare for lunch.

Water prepared in this way is the right rice water. You can drink it hot or allow to cool, and use face care or hair care.

If you drink the water, it’s best to be tepid and consumed on empty stomach before meals.

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