Save your heart, brain and kidneys: Clean the arteries with only 3 ingredients

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In this article we will present you an old remedy that comes from Germany and is made up only form 3 ingredients. Although it is very simple for preparation this remedy has incredible effects over your body.



The magical ingredients from which it is made of are lemon, ginger, garlic and water. 

Some of the various benefits of consumption of this remedy are: it prevents and treats infections and colds, boosts immune system, it is good for treatment and prevention of congestion of arteries. What is more it can cleanse the liver from enzymes, regulate the blood fat levels and prevent general fatigue in the organism.

This remedy can keep you away from the most serious diseases because it kills the free radicals which are the main causers. It is also good for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and problems with circulatory system.

You will need the following ingredients to prepare it:

  • 4 lemons (unpeeled)
  • 2 liters of clean water
  • A smaller ginger root ( about 3-4cm)
  • 4 larger whole head of garlic

Instructions how to prepare it:

First wash the lemons and cut them into small pieces. Then peel the garlic and put it into blender. Blend it well together with the lemons and the ginger.

Then put the mixture that you will get into a metal bowl and pour 2l water to it. Heat it on a stove until its boiling point, then turn off the heat and do not allow the mixture to start boiling. Leave it like that for some time in order to cool down. Strain it and store it in a glass bottle.


Drink one glass of it every day two hours before meals on empty stomach.

Each time before you consume the drink shake the bottle in order to mix the lemons and the garlic with the juice. Don’t worry about the bad smell of garlic, because the lemon will neutralize it and you won’t notice it.

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