Sea Cucumber Can Kill 95% Of Cancer Cells As Well As Shrink Tumors!!!!!

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Sea cucumber is mainly used in the Chinese medicine and it is not known to the Americans.

This practice will change because scientists have discovered that the sea cucumber can help in the treatment against cancer as it can effectively kill cancer cells.

The author of The Eden Prescription, Ethan Evers, conducted a research about the sea cucumber. The research shows that the sea cucumber can kill many types of cancer like lung, breast, prostate, skin, colon, pancreatic and liver cancer cells. It also can help in the fight against leukemia and gio-blastoma cells.


The main component of the sea cucumber is the frondoside A that is a triterpenoid an organic compound found in the essential oils. The effects of the frondoside A have been published in PLoS One showing the results that it can kill 95% of ER+ breast cancer cells. 95% of liver cancer cells, 90% melanoma cells, 85-88% three different types of lung cancer. It is the most powerful medicine against cancer.

Besides being cancer killer it can also inhibit the tumors and destroy them. Stopping the new cells and tumors to grow and appear. The sea cucumber is also beneficial for the immune system giving the boast of energy.
There were tests conducted on mice where the results show the reduction of 40% in only 10 days. There are no side effects of this medicine, and that it is beneficial even in small doses.

The sea cucumber is still in the experimental phase and it is still not on the market. However the powdered sea cucumber can be found in healthy food stores and it is used to treat arthritis.

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