She Eats 50 Bananas A Day Today, Her Body Looks Unrecognizable!

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Lin Ratcliffe is a real star because she has 450,000 followers on Instagram and it’s all because she consumes up to 50 bananas on a daily basis. This is the reason  why people started calling her the “banana girl”. This unusual diet actually helped her stay fit.


“Raw till 4” is the name of her amazing diet plan. This means that until 4 o’clock, Lin consumes only raw fruit, and in the evening she consumes vegan meal containing carbohydrates.

This diet helped her lose 20 kilograms which inspired many women from all over the world. I suppose you ask yourself whether this diet is healthy.

Evangelina Mantzioris, a nutritionist explains that this diet dosen’t supply the body with the needed nutrients like minerals, vitamins, calcium and healthy fats, which makes it unhealthy for the human body. Moreover, the high fructose content equals the amount obtained from a few cans of Coke daily.

“Raw till4” is not backed up by science which means that its results are not validated. It is a fact that we need fruit in our diet, but too much of it does more harm than good. Two servings of fruit are enough for one day.

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