She Placed A Piece Of Onion In Her Ear During The Night, And In The Morning Something Unexpectedly Happened

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When the winter arrives it brings the cold and flu along, making us to reach for the medical drugs immediately. But the natural remedy can be even more effective for treating flu and cold.



Put one small piece of onion in your ear or in your socks, because it helps in the fight against many ailments, which appear during the autumn or winter when the temperature changes are common thing, resulting with rapid increase in microbial and viruses concentration in the air.


Read on and learn how onion can help you to fight against ailments.

  1. Great remedy against cough

This remedy is better than any syrup. Maybe your breath will smell a little, but you will feel far better.

  1. Remedy against fever

It is recommended if you have kids who are prone to colds. Put several onion slices in the socks and you can also add a little bit of apple cider vinegar as well.

  1. Against all cold symptoms

Prepare an onion tea, or eat it fresh. You will feel better within several hours.

  1. Removes the ear pain

If you suffer from ear pain due to infection or any other reason, you should use the middle part of the onion. Put it in your ear and leave it to stay for several hours. Onion has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which will soften the ear wax and ear accumulations making them easier for cleaning. If you like to gain the maximum benefits, you should leave the onion in your ear during the night.

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