She Surprised Even The Doctors: This Woman Won The Fight Against Colorectal Cancer With This Plant

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Ivelisse Page is the woman who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Her family had a history of this malicious disease, her father died in his thirties. This was the reason why she decided to keep a healthy diet and eat only organic foods and exercise on a regular basis. Nevertheless, she still got the cancer at the age of 37.


Once she was diagnosed, she decided to do some research about her illness, and after that she refused the popular treatment called chemotherapy.

Instead, she decided to take homeopathic remedies and supplements along with injections of mistletoe. After seven long years of her diagnosis, she managed to get rid of the IV of colon cancer which, statistically only 11% of patients can survive.

Dr. Peter Hindeberger prescribed her the treatment with mistletoe. The clinic in Switzerlan was specialized for using this treatment and the doctor had work experience in that clinic. From then, mistletoe is the most important part of his protocol for the treatment of cancer.

Viscotoxin is the substance contained in mistletoe, and eventhough it is poisonous, it targets and kills the cancer cells only. Moreover, it enhances the immune system of the cancer patient as well.

The European study conducted in 2001, after analyzing the data materials collected for 27 years, showed that this treatment extended the survival rate of about 40% of 1,668 patients who suffered from various types of cancer.

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