Shocking Discovery: Energy Drinks Contain Semen And Bull Urine

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The Longhorn Cattle Company examined the most popular energy drinks. They found something extremely disgusting in them. All of the energy drinks contained bull semen and urine.
Semen And Bull Urine

Energy drinks contain taurine. This ingredient gets its name from the Latin word Taurus – bull. In 1827, Leopold Gmelon and Friedrich Tiedemann, scientists from Australia, isolated the ingredient from ox bile.

Even though taurine does not contain a carboxyl group, it is called amino acid. This naming is also often accepted in scientific literature. It can be found in the urine, semen and liver of bulls. So, taurine found in energy drinks is probably extracted from one of these 3 places.

Taurine in energy drinks is also not vegetarian friendly, since it comes from bull’s testicles. Taurine naturally occurs in bull breast milk and bile.

Source: Daily Buzz Live


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