Signs and Symptoms of Stroke You Should Know

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Stroke develops when the blood supply to the brain is reduced or interrupted.The brain is deprived of nutrients and oxygen,which can cause the brain cells to die.

It may also be caused by a blocked artery or the bursting or leaking of a blood vessel

Some may also experience a temporary disruption of blood flow to their brain, known as transient ischemic attack


Knowing the symptoms and signs of stroke, can prepare you to take fast action and may be even save a life.

Signs of stroke:


2-Slurred Speech

3-Severe headache with no known cause

4-Changes in Vision or Double Vision

5-Loss of Balance or Lack of Coordination

6-Numbness or Paralysis of the legs,arm or face

During a stroke,every seconds counts! Quick treatment can help reduce the brain demage that stroke can cause.

Do the following test,if these sign are present and you think someone may be having a stroke::

F-Face: Ask the person to smile.Does the side of the face droop or is it uneven?

A-Arms: Ask the person to raise bouth arms.Does one arm set downward?

S-Speech: Ask the person to follow a simple phrase.Is the speech hard to understand or slurred?

T-Time: If you observed any of these sings,call 9-1-1 immediately or get the person to the hospital immediately.


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