Simple Fix For Vertigo (Video With Instructions)

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Many people worldwide are dealing with vertigo, which is why Dr. Carol Foster from the University at Colorado School for Medicine decided to developed a simple home treatment for this condition. Her story told on the CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh in 2012, now has 2.6 million views on

Vertigo is actually a symptom, a sensation or feeling that everything around you is spinning or moving, when in reality it isn’t. Even though it is not dangerous nor life threatening, it can still interfere with your daily activities. Vertigo attacks usually occur suddenly and last for a few seconds, but in some cases can last much longer – up to several days.

The most common symptoms of vertigo are the following ones: high temperature, ringing in the ears, feeling sick, dizziness, and loss of balance. You can visually see all the instructions in the video below, but still we will try to explain the method briefly in a few sentences.

First of all, you have to tilt your heat back so that you can look at the ceiling. After that, position your head like when preparing to do somersault. Next, turn to your left elbow while your head is in upside down position. You should only lift your head to the initial position when you no longer feel dizziness. Once again, wait to pass the dizziness and then sit back quickly.

Bottom of Form

The name of this simple home treatment for vertigo is “the half somersault maneuver” which has around 2 million views on YouTube.

Thanks to this method, thousands of people are more than thankful for the learned ability to solve this uncomfortable symptom in the comfort of their home.


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