Single Mom Raises Quadruplets Despite Bullies’ Wishes

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Beth Goodman wanted nothing more than to be a mother. She wasn’t married and didn’t have a steady income, but she knew being a mother was her dream. Goodman decided to undergo in-vitro fertilization. Then something amazing happened. She went in for her ultrasound and she saw it: four heartbeats, four little heads — she was having quadruplets!

The mother was ecstatic. It was a joyous occasion for her, that was until her entire community turned on her. They believed Goodman was behaving recklessly. How could she have quadruplets without a financial plan? How could she have kids without a husband? Goodman’s decision sparked a national conversation about whether parents should wait to have children until they knew with all certainty that they could support them. They accused her of seeking out charity, government assistance, and handouts, none of which she did or asked for! Goodman confessed on Oprah that she didn’t have a financial plan, but her only plan was to keep moving forward.

Goodman believed that she would find a way to provide for her children. The truth is, there is no absolutely foolproof, perfect scenario to have babies. Even if there were, things could change. Mothers and fathers get and lose jobs. The economy rises and falls. There are so many variables in life that we cannot predict, how does anyone know when the “right” time is to have kids? All we can know is that we can do our best to provide our children with the best life possible at the time.

Oprah caught up with Goodman 10 years after the backlash and rumors. Guess what? Her children are happy, well-adjusted, and taken care of.

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