STUDY: 80% Of Proteins In SWEET POTATOES KILLS Several Types Of CANCER Cells

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Potatoes can be considered as a super food since they are the healthiest and cheapest vegetables  among all others. NASA also chose them for their space missions.

Washington University study conducted a research in order to discover which vegetables contain the most nutrient per dollar.

The Anti-Cancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins video presented below, shows a graph of nutrition versus availability for various foods.

Not only tomatoes are the healthiest and the cheapest foods, but as well dark greel leafy vegetables. However, the scores for the most nutrient-rich food per dollar turned out to be sweet potatoes.

Beside the fact that they are rich in nutrients, it is most important that they also possess anti-cancer properties. Potatoes were discovered to possess a unique protein back in 1931.

In  fact, 80 percent of sweet potato protein is a protease inhibitor type which has potential anti-cancer properties.

At first, these potato’s proteins were tested against leukemia and blood cancer, and it showed to subdue growth of leukemia cells in petri dish.

You are probably wondering how a sweet potato protein can enter into the bloodstream.

The moment you intake proteins in your stomach, they start to digest. Scientist tested sweet potato proteins against cancer cells on tongue, since they touch our mouth, in order to get around the problem of digestion.

It is necessary to find alternative therapies for those with tonque cancer, because they are treated with chemotherapy which has harmful effects.

According to the scientists, sweet potato can be beneficial for tongue cancer in humans since its protein diminished the in vitro cancer viability in just couple of days.

But can sweet potatoes aid in the treatments of other cancer types too?

Researchers conducted a study on 9 women with advanced cervical cancer, using this unique class of proteins, where 2 of  which showed that this protein class survives the digestion process and can be absorbed in the bloodstream intact.

Recently, the protein of sweet potatoes was tested on one of the most common and deadly type of cancer, the colorectal cancer.

The scientists have been looking for anti-metastatic agents because in the early stages micrometastases appear outside the colon and can result to recurred cancer and death.

This amazing protein from sweet potatoes not only slows down the development of colon cancer cells, but it also reduses the cancer cell invasion and migration.

Sweet potatoes are linked to reduced rate of gallbladder cancer, although this was never tested.

Sweet potatoes beside being very beneficial to our health, they are also very delicious. During winter, you can heat them and put them in your pockets to act as your natural hand warmers, and then you can use them as an instant healthy snack.

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