Study: Class of Pesticides Sprayed Over Miami May Cause Neurological Disease

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Naled is the pesticide in question and the EPA would have you believe that it is completely safe in “small doses.”


It’s been used for over 40 years now, but a recent study conducted in 2010 at Emory University found that prenatal and early-childhood exposure to organophosphates, the type of pesticide class Naled belongs to, can increase the risks of neurological disorders, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Officials of Miami-Dade County have sprayed Naled to combat the spread of the zika virus by targeting the mosquitoes the disease is spread by.  There may very well be unintended consequences, having been banned in Europe for this very reason.

The EPA states that “Naled is safe in small doses,” but activists and researchers alike aren’t so sure.

Dr. Jennifer Sass, a senior NRDC scientist, tells New Times:

“County officials haven’t been giving complete warnings to people, I’ve seen some literature that said ‘no extra precautions are needed’ if they’re spraying. But we want people to take extra precautions to avoid coming in contact with residue.”

“When they’re spraying, close your windows, and turn off your air conditioning to avoid drawing the pesticide into your house.  Make sure you take children’s toys inside, and wipe things down before you let people contact them again, especially a slide, barbecue, or pet food bowls, and especially things that come in contact with kids.”

Puerto Rican citizens protested hard when the CDC’s plans to spray the island were revealed by a local news station.  Residents came out en masse to protest and the spraying decision was reversed.

The debate continues to swell and divide with some saying Naled is a “necessary evil” and others finding its use totally irresponsible.

As is normal in these situations, the loudest and clearest voice usually wins out.

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