Su-Jock – therapy against painful menstruation and PMS

This therapy has developed by the famous Korean healer Pak Chet Woo

By applying a simple Su-Jock massage during ‘critical’ days, quickly and easily will remove the pain and cure the inflammation of the ovaries, and also will remove the unpleasant and premenstrual syndrome.

Treatment consists of the following stages:

  1. Find the painful point in the following way:

First carefully see the upper drawing which shows the reflexes associated with cervical, ovary and pituitary. Then, take a pencil with a blunt tip and gently press with medium strength several times with a pencil the locations indicated on the drawing.

Press the pencil at a right angle in relation to palm. Very soon you will notice that in certain places you feel specific pain (which differs from the usual pain). The pain is not strong, but is different. This means that you have found the points that according to the system Su-Jock are directly related to the nerves of our bodies, causing difficulties. For example, if you found a weak spot in the place where is the right ovary, it means that you have a (to some extent) inflammation of the ovary.


  1. Massage every painful spot with the pencil as follows:

Painful point depress with the pen in duration of 5-7 minutes, gradually increasing the pressure. While you pressing the point, rotate the pencil in the direction the arrow clock. The same painful point you can find on the other hand and massage it, alternately.

Do this massage several times in day. Usually, after the first 5-7 minutes the pain disappears.


  1. If the bleeding is not normal, or if you have poor bleeding, preheat painful points.

Immediately after the massage, should be heated. Take a small, plastic bottle (from medication); fill it with hot water and close. Then this bottle move closer to the point that you have massages. Hold down the warm bottle of painful point 3-5 minutes after each massage.


Also, it is the area of the palm mark with a red marker, because the treatment according to Su Jock method, the colors play an important role.

With massage you have sent into the affected organ curative mechanical impulses, and heating to the point you have sent heat impulses which continue treatment.

Massage and heating make them daily until complete healing. When the point will no longer be painful – it means that you have cured the ailing organ.

  1. If you have very profusely bleeding, use ice cooling to the point – cervical

In this case the area of the palm which is associated with cervical put the ice cube. It is also good, the area to mark with a black marker. Thus reduce bleeding.

  1. Remove the PMS syndrome

If you consistently have painful menstruation and bad mood at the time, reduce the irritability and unpleasant mood swings, so that 2-3 days before the critical period will start with daily heating of the points that correspond to the uterus and ovaries.

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